Rosanna Zingales-Lopez

Rosanna Zingales-Lopez

Broker Owner & Partner, REALTOR

Rosanna Zingales-Lopez was born from humble beginnings to immigrant parents. She grew up with a diverse upbringing and a strong sense of attachment to her community. Her mother, Antonia, was born in Palermo, Italy. Her father, Salvatore, was born in New York, graduating from Merrimack College with a B.S. in Business Administration. Rosanna slowly conquered whatever was thrown at her, starting at Corcoran Management, where she excelled in property management. Her next conquest was C.C. Real Investments, but it wasn’t enough.

When she settled in Real Estate with her brother Joe and formed the dynamic duo of Team Zingales Realty in the Merrimack Valley, she finally felt at home. Getting her broker’s license in 2016, she and Joe went on to fill their walls with award after award at Team Zingales Realty under Century 21-Northeast. Aside from her celebrated successes, Rosanna mostly enjoys helping people find their forever home. Whether selling a home or finding a home for her clients, Rosanna’s expertise in real estate and understanding of market conditions greatly comfort her clients.

While deeply dedicated to her work, it is nothing compared to how devoted and loving she is as a wife to Miguel Lopez (LBGC alumni) and mother to her pack of boys. Rosanna’s four sons, Julian, Antonio, Jeremy, and C.J., are so well-loved that you would never know they all aren’t biologically hers.

Rosanna sat on the LBGC Advisory and Development Committees and the MVYMCA Adelante, Lawrence Prospera, and The Psychological Center Board(s). These causes have been near and dear to Rosanna over the years. Helping people is her passion, especially when it comes to children. She also volunteers for most, if not all, Boy’s & Girl’s Club events; Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, and the list goes on.

She is a sports nut, especially when it’s her kids on the court. Watch out because she’ll leave your ears ringing but your heart singing.

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