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Are you facing the threat of foreclosure?

We know this can be a confusing, distressing, even frightening experience. To make matters worse, the risk of foreclosure usually comes at a time of financial hardship. You can’t count on your bank or mortgage provider for impartiality. You need experts in your corner to place your family’s well being first.

you need the support of an expert team

As experienced negotiators, we understand the inner-workings of the foreclosure process. This should be handled by an expert and the foreclosure itself should always be treated as the last resort. Yet, many homeowners are simply unaware of the alternatives available.

We deliver clarity, advice and guidance when it’s needed most. We will work with you to understand your priorities. We understand some homeowners are desperate to keep their home. Whether for practical, financial or sentimental reasons, this can sometimes be the best outcome.

For other homeowners, a fresh start may be a better choice. Choosing to sell can be difficult but sometimes circumstances demand it. Whether you have equity in your home or not, achieving the best possible price is key. As experts, we can help you secure the best possible terms of sale.

Our core aim is to give you back control. Choosing and negotiating the best arrangement for your unique circumstances will allow you to move forward positively with your life. We will provide the information you need to make to a smart and informed choice.

don’t leave your home's future to chance

Work with our experts and together we’ll achieve the best outcome for you!

Your Options

When Facing Foreclosure

If you’re faced with the threat of foreclosure you may be in the dark about the range of options available. There are no less than 7 main choices open to you and 3 will actually allow you to keep your home. We’ve set out these choices below:

Loan Modification

Your lender may agree to modify the terms of your mortgage to make the repayments affordable. Typically one of three areas is modified:


  •  The current interest rate may be lowered.
  •  The interest rate may be fixed if it is adjustable.
  • The length of the loan may be extended to spread your repayments out.

Payment of the Arrearage

The simplest option for a you to avoid foreclosure and retain your home is simply to pay the arrearage. This requires that you have access to sufficient capital to settle the late payments. Unfortunately, few homeowners are lucky enough to be in this position.

For many homeowners facing foreclosure, the above options are not suitable.

A loan modification is subject to agreement by your lender. Your lender may decline this arrangement (for instance if they did not believe in your ability to repay even on modified terms). Meanwhile, payment of the arrearage requires capital many homeowners simply don’t possess. One way to keep your home in this event is to file for bankruptcy.

Filing for Bankruptcy

After filing federal law protects you by prohibiting any collection activities by lending companies or debt collectors. The most common form of bankruptcy filing for homeowners wanting to protect their property is a Chapter 13. This will allow you to set up a plan to repay (or partially repay) your debt over a 3 to 5-year term. You would typically be required to have a regular income to be suitable for this type of filing.

You may find yourself unable to retain your home or you may simply prefer to move on. In this case, there are 4 futher options open to you.

Secure a Traditional Sale

If you still have equity in your home the best way to settle your mortgage can be a straightforward sale. You’ll naturally want to secure the best possible price. This way you will have the most money left over after your lender takes what’s owed.


Since many homeowners facing foreclosure don’t have positive equity in their homes, an alternative is often needed…

Secure a Short Sale

For most homeowners needing to sell (and lacking equity), a short sale is the best choice available. In this circumstance, the sale price will be less than what you owe to the bank. The bank will need to approve the final figure.


With help from our expert negotiators, your bank may well accept the sale price and forgive the deficiency you owe. Your mortgage will therefore be considered repaid. In addition we have a high success rate in negotiating resettlement costs whereby your bank makes a payment to support you in finding a new home.

Deed in Lieu

A Deed in Lieu provides a simple alternative to a short sale. This process just involves you voluntarily signing the deed to your home over to the bank in place (or ‘in lieu’) of repayment. Some homeowners are attracted by the simplicity of this option, but in fact we strongly advise against it…


  • Your credit will be affected negatively (in just the same way as a foreclosure).
  • Your bank will rarely offer any relocation funds or other seller incentives.

While an easy option, a Deed in Lieu arrangement is not one we recommend to any homeowner serious about managing their finances for the long-term.

Allow the Foreclosure

The final ‘solution’ is to simply take no action and allow the bank to foreclose on your home. Again, this option will damage your credit and should never be treated as anything more than a last resort.


You should always remember that your bank’s priority is the pursuit of its own interests – not yours. Never allow yourself to be pressed into any agreement that you’re unhappy with. Work with us to and get a team of top professionals on your side.

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We are the company that homeowners in mortgage distress turn to when they need to know their options.

Members of our team have been involved in hundreds of loss mitigation situations since the downturn in the economy. We are well versed in all aspects of the pre-foreclosure process.

Because we are well versed with all the options available to you, we have created stream line processes handling each one.

Did you know that lenders listen more to an attorney requests than directly from the homeowner? That’s the reason why we have partnered with one of the best!

Our custom software allows us to see exactly where we are in your loss mitigation process. What this means for you is no delays in getting information to you.

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