Staying Connected with our community

Over the past 15+ years in the business, Team Zingales has stayed connected and ready to participate in the community
Our team lives by the motto, “Expand your knowledge by always expanding your community.” This, coupled with the drive to give back to the community, Joe and Rosanna encourage us to of be team players for both our team and community.
Team Z has been active in local events, from the Lawrence Gas Disaster in September of 2018 to the Lawrence Boys and Girls Club. We also look forward to teaching seminars and awarding scholarships during the Holiday seasonNo matter the occasion, Team Zingales is there, making an impact on the community that has made an impact on us.
One of our recent events was an Elevator Pitch Contest with the Top Notch Scholars. The youth of our community is teeming with talent, and we love any opportunity to encourage their leadership skills
We try to keep a constant ear to the ground because we know that there’s always more ways for us to help. For more information on what we have to offer, feel free to contact our team if you could use our services or experience at your organization. 
Our community involvement does not stop there. Here are some other events and organizations that we stay involved with:



“Expand your knowledge by always expanding your community”

Team Z in the Community
First Time Home Buyer Seminar